Sunday, July 6, 2014

Phoenix Window Treatments Offer the Widest Choice of Styles, Colors

"Shades Window shades are similar to curtains and drapes. Usually made of plastic or fabric, they are an affordable alternative that can easily be installed. Some variants use a special reflective fabric that helps reduce the heat build-up in a room Special Options Companies that install standard window treatments in Phoenix like Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions also offer special products like window films. Applied directly to a window, these special films can significantly reduce any heat gain (and UV penetration) inside the home, while also providing shatter-proof benefits that do not make it any easier for intruders trying to gain entry through the windows."

Friday, July 4, 2014

Consider Window Shades When Picking Window Coverings for Phoenix Homes

"Roller Shades Another option are roller shades for Phoenix houses. These are mounted at the top of the window, usually inside the molding or just outside it. Like roman shades, they lie flat when closed. To open it, all one has to do is tug on the bottom rail and the spring-loaded mechanism at the top drags it up automatically. They have two drawbacks: the constant tugging can result in the mechanism to break down, and getting it to the exact height you want needs some getting used to. Balloon Shades Similar to roman shades, balloon shades look pretty good as décor. This can have a dramatic effect especially when the fabric has a shiny texture like silk or lace. Gathered up at the top third of a window, these shades give the room a certain traditional flair. However, it is more decorative than functional and may require a bit more attention like straightening and fluffing. They are easy to make though, and some enterprising homeowners probably can sew their own without any tr

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Phoenix Blinds and Shutters Add Elegance and Charm to Home Interiors

"Another advantage of shutters is their decorative value. While exterior shutters make your home look attractive to outsiders, interior ones can charmingly complement any décor in your room. Shutters are impressive enough that they are considered as capital improvements by the IRS, making them tax-deductible for purposes of selling your home. This markedly increases the value of your house. Durability and ease of maintenance are another thing shutters are known for. Other window options like blinds or shades need a lot of care to ensure that they will last a long time. All excellent Phoenix wood shutters need to keep them clean is a damp cloth, since wooden shutters are naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and cracking. Some of them even have lifetime warranties, which is a bonus to homeowners should their shutters ever get damaged or need replacement."

Monday, June 30, 2014

Current Trends in Phoenix Window Shades and other Window Treatments

"Flashy shades Minimalist design may sure seem too stark or spare to some, but treatments like striking chandler shades can be quite stylish in the hands of a skilled decorator. They’re also practical, and can be customized for a classy, or jazzy, or polished Spartan look. An array of colors and patterns are available, like the traditional and widely popular Roman shades. If you’re looking to add more pizzazz to your windows, then dress them up with window treatment options from companies like Sunburst Shutters AZ, and make your home stand out."

Saturday, June 28, 2014

AZ Weather to get Hotter: Good Reason to Grab Window Blinds in Phoenix

"The weather forecast might just be one good reason why you should grab some functional window blinds in Phoenix, or any reliable window blinds stores in the Valley. Arizona has been known to be a summer hotbed. While the hottest day ever in U.S. history was recorded in Death Valley, California at 134 degrees in 1913, Arizona is much more consistent in its record of scorching temperatures. The highest temperature ever recorded in the state peaked at 128 degrees on June 29, 1994; and it continued with its fair share of blazing days since. The city of Phoenix alone holds the record in history of having 143 straight days of temperatures at 100 degrees or higher, in 1989."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Look, Functional Rewards of Dependable Phoenix Plantation Shutters

"Light and privacy in one Let’s say you are facing a major road or street, or the home of a quite-nosey neighbor. If you want to keep the sun out while ensuring your privacy is intact, dependable Phoenix plantation shutters like those from companies, such as Sunburst Shutters AZ, can get the job done. You can choose to open only the top portion to let in some light; or let in enough by opening only the lower louvers. Hassle-free operation Plantation shutters come with virtually no cords or strings that are prone to tangling, nor are they susceptible to bending unevenly or appearing lopsided, as it does often with blinds."

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guide to Buying Window Blinds in Phoenix for Privacy and Lighting

"Maintenance The amount of cleaning and maintenance that you’re willing to put into your blinds should dictate your choice, as well. Some materials are notorious for gathering dust, so much so that leaving them idle for more than a day without cleaning will get them dirty again. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, find materials like wood and faux wood that can be easily stained and cleaned. Phoenix is called the Valley of the Sun for a reason—sunny days in Phoenix can let in excessive glare through windows into the interiors. To keep the glare and the heat out, choose blinds that reliably protects you from the elements, and buy only window blinds for Phoenix, AZ homes from reputable sources like Sunburst Shutters AZ."